There are many ways to keep the camera water-proof, moisture-proof and mildew proof. For example, for long-term storage, you can choose the electronic moisture-proof box. However, you should pay attention to the electronic moisture-proof box. The lower the humidity of the electronic moisture-proof box is not the better. The electronic moisture-proof box can be widely used to control humidity freely at fixed points. You can host the electronic moisture-proof box with specific wishes or conditions for moisture-proof storage, so as to remove moisture forcefully Frequent consumption of accessories, silent operation, dehumidification faster, stable, no heat quality change, no moisture difference, good air tightness. Control skills: adopt microcomputer intelligent fuzzy electronic humidity inertial system control technology; sensor is imported from France, digital frequency export port, universal, easy to change, high precision, less annual drift, strong anti-interference force.

The common method is to prepare a waterproof cover for the camera. In rainy days or hot and humid conditions, it should be used for digital cameras. In the future, clean and soft flannelette should be used to gently wipe the water spots or water vapor on the camera, and then the rubber blowing ball should be used to blow the slit of each part once. The camera should be placed in a dry and ventilated place without direct sunlight. After drying, the camera should be tested If there is a problem, it will be packed into a sealed container for storage, with little desiccant or stored in an independent moisture-proof space in an electronic moisture-proof box.

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