At present, 3D printing technology, as a cutting-edge and leading emerging technology, has subversive significance and effect on the process transformation of traditional manufacturing industry and the wide application of new materials. 3D printing technology is gradually changing from 3D modeling of printed objects to internal structure of printed objects, and finally to the functional stage of printed objects. In the field of mechanical manufacturing, 3D printing technology is mainly used for single piece manufacturing and small batch parts manufacturing. Due to the use of additive manufacturing technology, compared with the traditional reduced production mode, it can make revolutionary innovation in product modeling, structure and other aspects.

3D printing glove box (rapid prototyping glove box): it is designed for the environment required by aerospace and special parts processing. 3D printing equipment generally adopts powder feeding or powder spreading molding. Each kind of molding equipment needs different glove box design requirements, and will be customized according to the requirements of different customers.


The whole box is made of 3 mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate, and the surface is sprayed with plastic, which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean;

The front of the operation box is made of 20 mm thick plexiglass, with wide viewing angle and no dead angle;

The inlet and outlet valves are equipped with water nozzles inside and outside, which can supply water and air. The gas replacement speed is fast, and it can meet the experimental requirements in a short time;

The sealing device of the box door is novel in design, reliable in sealing and convenient in opening;

The box is equipped with lighting and multi hole socket;

The operating box is sealed reliably with butyl gloves.

Function description

1. Large volume sealing, strict control of water and oxygen, improve the reliability of product quality.

2. Automatic robot loading and unloading and transmission.

3. Signal line and power line are highly integrated into the box and sealed to prevent interference.

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