It should be a glove box with gas circulation (gas purification system). If the premise is correct, let's look down. Under normal circumstances, you want to use this glove box immediately when you need to use it for the first time. You may also have drugs or materials in the glove box to keep a low water and oxygen environment to ensure that the materials will not be damaged. So if you plan to use it all the time, or if the material is stored in the glove box all the time, it is recommended that you always open the cycle. In the global glove box market, the glove box cycle of some manufacturers is required to be opened for a long time. You can never stop or need to stop, and some of them can set standby parameters. In fact, the principle is the same. If the parameters can be set, then after you set them, let the machine start or stand by manually to ensure that the atmosphere is replenished. The power consumption of glove boxes is also very high. On average, the power consumption of glove boxes is 10 to 20 degrees per day (single glove box, most manufacturers' data). Some of them will be lower and lower. The gas consumption is two to two bottles per week. If you set the atmosphere data well, the environment is constant temperature. According to the number of times you open the transition cabin, some can be used for two to three months.

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