1. Big and small warehouses can't replenish air

Causes: ① the air hole leading to the large and small warehouses in the glove box may be blocked by plastic film; ② whether the solenoid valve is not opened.

Methods: ① confirm the position of air hole and dredge the pipeline according to the pipeline direction; ② check the circuit and solenoid valve.

2. The large and small warehouses cannot be pumped

Causes: ① the suction holes in the large and small warehouses are blocked by plastic film or the cabin door leaks; ② the cabin door is not closed tightly, or the sealing rings of the large and small warehouses are loose.

Methods: ① according to the direction of the pipeline, confirm the position of the air hole and dredge the pipeline; ② close the door of the warehouse and check the size of the sealing ring; ③ check whether the working air pressure is too low (because the air extraction valve of the warehouse is a pneumatic valve).

3. During cleaning, the tank pressure continues to be added

Causes: the cleaning valve is not opened, the air inlet pressure is too high, and the pipeline is not dredged.

Methods: ① ensure that the pipeline is unblocked, and it is better not to bend; ② when cleaning, the relative pressure in the box continues to be lower than 0.5 mbar.

4. Main valve fault of purification column

Causes: ① operation gas pressure is less than 0.5MPa; ② main valve signal feedback fault.

Methods: ① replace the working gas cylinder, or check the pressure of the pressure reducing valve auxiliary gauge at 0.5MPa; ② check the main valve signal switch.

5. The cycle cannot be opened

Cause: low voltage or high voltage maintenance of fan frequency converter.

Methods: after the voltage was stable, the power was turned off and restarted after 1 minute.

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