Use of glove box: in the process of scientific experiments, some substances are easily oxidized and deliquescence in the atmosphere, which makes the chemical reaction of experimental substances and the pre-treatment of samples very difficult, affecting the experimental process and test results.

The vacuum glove box (also known as vacuum inert gas maintenance box) can effectively deal with these problems. The device is a laboratory equipment that fills high-purity inert gas into the box and circularly filters out water, oxygen, organic gas and other substances. Its main function is to remove O2, H2O and organic gas; it is widely used in the ultra pure environment without water, oxygen and dust. The product can be used in lithium battery research and development and production, physical chemistry research, powder metallurgy, nuclear technology, special welding, OLED and pled research, pharmaceutical industry, data processing, special lamp research and development and production, fine chemical industry, polymer data and other industries.

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