According to customer requirements, we can process and customize glove box that can be operated by many people.

1: Two people operate the glove box, two people operate on both sides of the glove box, that is, two people operate face to face at the front and rear sides of the glove box. The left and right sides of the glove box are the material door and the logistics import and export of the test cabin.

2: Four people operate the glove box. Two people operate face to face with the other two people. They are located at the front and rear sides of the box. They operate face to face. The left and right sides of the box are the material doors and import and export equipment of the box

3: The six position glove box is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm. Three positions and the other three positions are set relatively. The box can accommodate six people.

4: Eight station glove box: the box contains 8 operators, the number of gloves: 8 pairs, butyl rubber: 0.4mm in thickness, 7 "or 8" in diameter, the technology meets the needs of operation, and it is convenient for operators to observe the operation conditions in the box, so that each operator can independently access the materials and test tools in and out of the box at any time.

The common double working position ensures that the operator of each working position can carry out all the test operation process independently.

This kind of large glove box can ensure the strict sealing performance of the box, and can be equipped with a test material outlet hatch with a buffer bin, which can not only ensure that the test materials, test reagents and test tools can be used in and out of the box, but also ensure that the test environment inside the box is not affected by the opening of the box.

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