The sealing of electronic moisture-proof cabinet is one of the main factors that directly affect the dehumidification efficiency and stability of electronic moisture-proof cabinet. There are single door, double door, three door, four door and six door dehumidification and dehumidification equipment in the cabinet. This kind of dehumidification and dehumidification equipment uses certain dehumidification and dehumidification technology to affect the effective space in the cabinet, so as to make the humidity in the cabinet meet the required set value. The normal use of electronic moisture-proof cabinet is the case of high external humidity. In this case, if the door of the cabinet can not guarantee the sealing, the low humidity air inside the cabinet and the high humidity air outside the cabinet convection, if the convection speed is far greater than the dehumidification and dehumidification speed of the electronic moisture-proof cabinet, then the humidity of the electronic moisture-proof cabinet will be difficult to reach the set value, even if it can, the load of the electronic dehumidification movement will be reduced It's very big.

High strength electronic moisture-proof cabinet, high dehumidification efficiency, good cabinet sealing, only a few hours working dehumidification, the cabinet will reach the set value, power off for 24 hours, low humidity rise ≤ 10% RH.

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