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moisture proof stainless steel


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■ 1、Main box

■ 2、Transition cabin

■ 3、Tool cabin

■ 4、Gas purification circulation system

■ 5、Optional Accessories

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Company advantages

16 years focus on inert gas equipment customization and production, integrated production plant, strict quality and quantity

  • Scale advantage

    Scale advantage

    1. With laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine and other advanced equipment < br > 2, with 20 years of pressure welding technician < br > 3, own 8000 square meters of clean production plant

  • Quality advantage

    Quality advantage

    1. Welding detection, weld flaw detection < br > 2. Japanese technology, self-developed sealing technology < br > 3. Helium leak detection is used for pipeline and whole box

  • Production advantage

    Production advantage

    1. According to customer demand, immediate delivery, does not affect customer use < br > 2. Vertical production line, ensure timely delivery, save cost < br > 3. Long term stock of standard products

  • Service advantages

    Service advantages

    1. The main box is guaranteed for five years, and the imported core components are provided for one year. < br > 2. The pressure gauge, glove box glass and seals are provided for life free. < br > 3. Any problems in the later stage can be solved within two hours