1. 电话和邮件提醒用户更换真空泵油和检查真空泵管路内部清洁

2. 电话和邮件提醒用户检查或更换手套口密封圈和过渡舱密封圈

Monthly maintenance

1. Remind the customer replacing vacuum pump oil (If vacuum pump oil has been unclean).

2. Remind the customer checking seal rubber ring of gloves and vacuum antechambers, if there is damage please replace it.


1. 电话和邮件提醒用户更换过滤器

2. 电话和邮件提醒用户更换有机溶剂吸附器内活性炭

Three Month maintenance

1. Remind the customer checking the filter in the box, if required please replace it.

2. Remind the customer replacing the active carbon of solvent absorber system


1. 一年工程师免费上门检测维护手套箱服务。

Yearly maintenance

1. After installation of glove box one year later, our engineer would visit 

and maintain the glove box for user.

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